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Mood Killer - Prenups (Official Music Video)
Mood Killer

Mood Killer - Prenups (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Prenups by Mood Killer FOLLOW MOOD KILLER: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Twitch: Stream Prenups Spotify: Apple Music: iTunes: Premiered on Paper Magazine Song by Mood Killer Co-Produced by Shubu @Shubutime Directed by Mood Killer Starring Sen Riot @deprezsen Produced by Becca Whiting @beccarosewhite, Bret Hamilton @onlyonet, and Mood Killer @moodkillerdotnet Director of Photography Bret Hamilton @onlyonet Additional Photography by Greg Stephen Reigh @gregstephenreigh, Weston Allen @westonallen64, and Dung Le @dungle_ Drone photography by Christophe Bachelerie @saigonvideographer Edited and Animated by Mood Killer Custom Mood Killer Jacket by Hiatus J @hiatus.j Featuring custom garments by Rock Bà Bà @rock_ba_ba Styling by Sen Riot and Mood Killer Locations provided by Camille Gumir, The Rockstar Relator Special thanks to Dorian Electra @dorianelectra , Weston Allen @westonallen64 , Hán Vi Phạm Thị @hanviphamthi , Liz Peterson @Lizard_pete , Suniko Bazargarid @suniko.b , Sydney Brodo @sydneybrodo , Ricardo Glencasa, Eduardo Culbeaux, Paul Gomberg @paulgomberg LYRICS: On the border of destruction Unassuming imposition How hard you gonna hit me? How much is it gonna hurt me? Take time to think it over In my defense I am a stranger Penuptials! Oh my god, sign the line and touch my bod Prenuptials! It's not fair but that's how it goes Prenuptials Oh my god, dot your I's and cross your toes Prenuptials It's not fair, but that's how it goes Come on baby Come a little bit closer Take out your contacts Look me over! You don't care that this is WARTIME! You burn books, you're cutting in line Thick skin isn't worth breaking Get REAL -- I know you're faking! Prenuptials! Jesus Christ, lift your hands if your tongues are tied Prenuptials! It's not fair, everybody knows Prenuptials! Feel the glass, break it all up while you're shaking that ass Prenuptials! It's not fair, but that's how it goes It's a cool world, when it doesn't suck! But it's okay, I don't feel much It's a lame world, and getting worse Don't fall asleep, stay alert! Oh my god sign the line and touch my bod It's not fair, but that's how it goes... Prenuptials! #moodkiller #prenups
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