I am the host and director of the Best Ever Food Review Show youtube channel with over 3.6 million subscribers and over half a billion views.

I worked with Bret for over a year. He was our DP, shooting in countries all over the world from Japan to Madagascar.

Bret has a great enthusiasm for his work. As a documentary filmmaker he was able to find inspiration in any situation sometimes quite literally chasing down shots in a given location. This enthusiasm was contagious and spread throughout the team.

Although he’s very skilled, he’s always been humble about his ability and is determined to continue learning.

To me, much of filmmaking is about problem-solving, something Bret excels at. There will always be obstacles in documentary-filmmaking, but cool heads and creative ideas will always help to get through.

All in all, with Bret’s crucial contributions, we were able to produce high-quality, meaningful content on several continents, among different cultures, working through constant communication issues and cultural barriers.

I’d highly recommend Bret for anyone requiring an adept, thoughtful, like-able, enthusiastic addition to their team.

- Sonny Side

Director and Host of
Best Ever Food Review Show