Director of Photography

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Director of Photography

Bret Hamilton grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, watching way too much television and playing way too much Nintendo. As a result, he became obsessed with creating engaging entertainment for those around him. These pursuits led him to leave his humble beginnings for the big city to study cinematography at Columbia College Chicago. There, he honed his skills and collaborated on hundreds of films, gigs and learning experiences for six years until Chicago winters led him to say, "I want to do something different."


Bret moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, (formerly Saigon) in September 2016. In 2017, Bret produced and led scores of short documentaries as the Digital Content Director for local media start-up Vietcetera. More recently he was Director of Photography for the Webby-nominated food and travel youtube channel Best Ever Food Review Show, where he led the visual and editorial aesthetic of the channel from 300k subscribers to 3.5 million, accruing nearly half a billion views from a widely diverse global audience.

In fall of 2019, Bret relocated to Los Angeles to bring his unique skills and experience to a new market of brands, digital outlets and content creators.